Tennessee Flooding Updates – Piney River Resort 21 Dead, Dozens Missing

Tennessee Flooding Updates, Tennessee’s Emergency Management Agency released a report regarding the floods that killed several people in Middle Tennessee on Sunday morning. According to Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis, at least 21 people were killed by severe flooding in Middle Tennessee on Saturday.

In a noon news release, Humphreys County Emergency Management Agency reported that searching and recovery efforts are underway in Waverly and Humphreys County. Davis said there are between 25 and 30 missing people still at large.

Tennessee Flooding Updates

According to Sheriff Chris Davis, 25 to 30 people were still unaccounted for in Humphreys County. Twin toddlers were among the dead after her father’s arms were swept away, according to relatives who survived.

Collier believes there may be hundreds of uninhabitable homes, according to county officials. As a result of the unprecedented flooding, roads, cellphone towers, and telephone lines were destroyed, leaving families unsure whether their loved ones survived.

Meteorologists said Middle Tennessee saw double the amount of rain in the worst-case scenario for flooding as compared with the previous worst-case scenario.

Associated Press: A Brookside housing complex appears to be the most damaged by the floods, according to Kansas Klein of Waverly.

Several buildings were destroyed. Half of them were knocked down, according to Klein. “People were pulling out the bodies of people who drowned and did not survive.”

Waverly and parts of Dickson, Hickman, Houston, and Humphreys counties were flooded.

Middle Tennessee saw an accumulation of 9-17 inches of rain within a six-hour period on Saturday morning, and additional storms hit the same region later in the night.

In a noon news release, Humphreys County Emergency Management Agency reported that searching and recovery efforts are underway in Waverly and Humphreys County. There are still 25 to 30 people missing, Davis said.

Search Continues for Missing – Tennessee Flooding Today

Tennessee Flooding Updates
Tennessee Flooding Updates

Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, a campground and event venue owned by Loretta Lynn in Hurricane Mills, Humphreys County, was inundated with floodwaters.

Wayne Spears, the ranch’s foreman, has been missing for several days. Saturday night, Spears’ ranch posted a request on its Facebook page for prayers for his family and those affected by the devastation. 

Throughout the post, we express our shock and devastation.

Social media was used by many to locate family members they couldn’t reach.

A Red Cross resource set up for flood survivors in Middle Tennessee is www.safeandwell.org under the heading “Middle Tennessee Flooding.”. It is possible for friends and family to search for loved ones who are registered as “safe and well.”

We are awaiting confirmation from the Tennessee Department of Health on the number of flood-related deaths across the Midstate, a Tennessee Emergency Management Agency spokesperson said.

As a result of the flooding, Humphreys County’s 911 system was rendered useless. 

Tennessee National Guard members were among those dispatched to assist Humphreys County. 

Several roads from Dickson into Waverly were blocked Saturday, either by crumbling roads or by water and debris.

Piney River Resort campers witness devastation during severe flooding

Team members are searching for missing persons in various parts of the area. A total of 89 people occupied open shelters overnight. Reunification Centers for flood survivors opened their doors again at 7 a.m. There will be no charge for the event, which will be held at McEwen High School on Sunday.

Currently, Humphreys County reports that three schools were affected by floodwaters. As part of its mission to help those in need, the American Red Cross provides assistance.

List of open shelters

  • Waverly Church of Christ, 438 West Main St., Waverly, TN
  • YMCA of Dickson County, 225 Henslee Dr, Dickson TN 37055
  • First Baptist Church, 300 E. Main St. Waverly TN 37185
  • Fairfield Church of Christ, 1860 TN-100, Centerville, TN 37033
Flood Zone Map – Tennessee Flooding Updates

Unpredictable floods are a fact of life. In order to protect their families, homes, and business, communities use flood-warning tools to better understand their risks and take action.

Floods are natural, and they can occur almost anywhere. Floods may not even be near a body of water, although river and coastal flooding are the most common types. You can be at risk of flooding due to heavy rain, poor drainage, or even construction projects nearby.

Communities use flood maps to determine which areas are most at risk of flooding. 

Flood maps indicate how likely it is for an area to flood. It is considered high risk wherever there is a chance of experiencing a flood at least once a year. During a 30-year mortgage, floods occur at least one out of four times in those areas. For further details visit Flood Maps

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