Steelo Brim Net Worth

Know some about Steelo Brim Net Worth, Rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur Steelo Brim is from the Bronx. Aside from real estate, music production, and clothing lines, he was involved in several business ventures. In 2013, Steelo released his first album, “The Bricksquad Chronicles.” He has followed that up with “No Mistakes Allowed.

” Steelo has also rapped with Jay-Z and Rick Ross. His net worth was subsequently questioned.┬áSteelo Brim was born on 28 January 1985 in Philadelphia. The family runs a successful business. Therefore, his whole life has been consumed by business. Steelo attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Later, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Operations Management. After graduating college, Steelo took a job as an assistant buyer in the marketing department of Neiman Marcus. The boss liked him so much that she eventually promoted him to be her direct report.

This gave him more responsibilities and exposure in the company’s operations department. His exposure led to other advancement opportunities. The company’s finance and human resources departments worked closely with Steelo. He was also more knowledgeable about how everything works within a company.

In 2015, Steelo Brim was earning over $80k per year as the manager of marketing at Neiman Marcus.

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The day after Steelo Brim turned 28, just a few days after turning 28, he quit his job. Neiman Marcus had no real future for him. Instead, Steven Gregory Brand (short for Steven Gregory Clothing) started an online clothing store. Six other co-founders invested $15k each in exchange for equity in the business after some convincing.

Steelo Brim Net Worth

There were also two full-time employees working for them. Their progress was accelerated tremendously. They could release new designs and products on a weekly basis without having to worry about production themselves, as most fashion brands do.

Music Career

During its first week on Soundcloud and YouTube combined, Steelo Brim’s first single, “Get Right,” received over 400k streams. He was featured in XXL Magazine later that same year as an “Artist to Watch.” He had already released two mixtapes by December, including one with Travis Scott.

He got his big break when Chris Brown asked him to remix one of his singles. Steelo began receiving requests from other artists to remix their songs once this happened, including Fetty Wap, Jhene Aiko, Machine Gun Kelly, among others.

Television Career

Steelo Brim performed live on the BET Awards in front of millions in April of 2016. He received a second invitation for another performance that same month after the performance went well.