PPSC Tehsildar English Past Papers Mcqs With Asnwers

PPSC General Knowledge Mcqs

Here,we provide and you can get PPSC Tehsildar English Past Papers for the test of Tehsildar & Naib-Tehsildar in the Punjab. goquizer is the largest website for government jobs test preparation. here you can see all government jobs past papers for all competitive exam like ppsc, fpsc, and army test.

PPSC Tehsildar English Past Papers

Here we provide 50 mcqs of PPSC Tehsildar English Past Papers in this section you can see more MCQS of PPSC Tehsildar English Past Papers by clicking the last see more button

Synonym of ZEST is ——-?
A. Passive
B. Enthusiasm
C. Disgust
D. Various

Synonym of ZEALOT is ——-?
A. Fanatic
B. Apathy
C. Liberal
D. Impious

Synonym of EXUDE is ——-?
A. Ooze
B. Overflow
C. Wither
D. Evaporate

Synonym of PREVARICATE is ——-?
A. Truth
B. Early
C. Lie
D. Delay

Synonym of PRECARIOUS is ——-?
A. Safe
B. Brittle
C. Perilous
D. none of these

Synonym of DELEGATE is ——-?
A. Representative
B. Officer
C. Member
D. Servant

Synonym of LETHARGY is ——-?
A. Serenity
B. Laxity
C. Active
D. Bold

Synonym of CIRCUITOUS is ——-?
A. Direct
B. Strong
C. Cyclic
D. Weak

A. mesa: plateau
B. moron: savant
C. foreigner: immigrant
D. pedagogue: teacher

A. love: elevates
B. film: flam
C. fib: lie
D. fake: ordinary

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