PPSC Past Paper For Chemistry Subject//Chemistry MCQS In PDF

PPSC Past Paper

PPSC Past Paper ,For the competitive exam like ppsc,fpsc,nts,pms ,subject specialist and other first you need to following instruction about knowledge in these field that you can secure competitive exam with higher grades

  1. The up-and-comers are relied upon to show an overall consciousness of what and where of things

also, places, when and where of functions, how things work, significant characters and so on

Basically it is the trial of general perusing, experience and scholarly interest of the

  1. Applicants are required to have essential information on the chronicled point of view of the

Pakistan development, significant functions in the battle for Pakistan, conspicuous characters,

post-autonomy issues, established turns of events, international strategy, economy,

protection, Kashmir and other regional debates and so forth The inquiries would likewise cover

Pakistans homegrown issues and legislative issues, land and individuals, provincial issues, financial

issues, culture, music, sports, and so forth

  1. The applicants are relied upon to show fundamental information on the Sacred Quran, Hadith, life and

seasons of the Heavenly Prophet (PBUH), Khulfa-e-Rashideen, Arkan-e-Islam, wide information on

significant functions in Islamic History and noticeable characters. Non-Muslim applicants

would be tried in the field morals, similar religions and inquiries of general nature.

  1. The competitors are required to show a fundamental information and comprehension of history,

governmental issues and foreign relations regarded important to comprehend current undertakings. Questions

may likewise identify with global foundations, arrangements, late advancements in Pakistan and

abroad, worldwide issues including security, economy, common liberties, natural

debasement, atomic and different issues of comparable nature.

  1. Up-and-comers are required to have fundamental information on Pakistan’s geology, geography,

natural issues, demography, mineral abundance and so on They are additionally expected to have essential

information on topography of the world, geographic terms, conspicuous places and highlights.

PPSC Past Paper

PPSC Past Paper
PPSC Past Paper
  1. Up-and-comers are required to have essential information about science, including arithmatic,

polynomial math and calculation and critical thinking aptitudes. Questions and issues may identify with:

numbers; rates; midpoints; proportion and extents; conditions; disentanglements; number

arrangement; loan costs; time/separation/business related issues, fundamental formulae identifying with regions,

volumes and so forth Utilization of mini-computers would not be permitted.

  1. Competitors are required to have essential information on English language, grammatical forms,

relational words, accentuation, dynamic and latent voice, maxims, axioms, phrases, equivalents,

antonyms, analogies, sentence development and so forth Up-and-comers ought to have the option to utilize English


  1. The competitors are relied upon to have a decent order over Urdu language, its right

utilization, sentence structure, maxims, and axioms and ought to have essential information on conspicuous Urdu

journalists and writers.

  1. The Up-and-comers are required to have fundamental information on Science, Physical science and Science,

logical terms, developments, revelations, human body, heavenly bodies and ecological

issues/issues. As a rule the applicants could be tried on information on regular

perception and experience of things and wonder with regards to their logical


  1. The applicants are relied upon to have essential information on PCs, equipment and

programming, ordinarily utilized terms, essential elements of significant parts of a PC,

information on MS Office, web, email, conspicuous characters related with I.T. also,

fundamental I.T. applications.


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