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PPSC Online Test Preparation, Applicants are relied upon to have essential information on English punctuation, grammatical features,relational words, accentuation, dynamic and latent voice, figures of speech, sayings, phrases, equivalents,antonyms, analogies, sentence development and so forth Up-and-comers ought to have the option to utilise English effectively.

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PPSC Online Test Preparation

PPSC Online Test Preparation
PPSC Online Test Preparation

You can easily Prepared of All Entry Tests By Online goquizer Exams TestsPPSC Online Test Preparation here we provide mscqs with answer mention with correct option.

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A person who abstains from marriage and sexual relations is known as —–?
A. Celibate (Answer)
B. Promiscuous
C. Immoral
D. Vile
Leaving one’s country and go to live in a foreign land is known as —–?
A. Emigrate (Answer)
B. Eradicate
C. Immigrate
D. Extempore
One who looks on the dark side of the things is known as —-?
A. Optimist
B. Patricide
C. Pessimist (Answer)
D. Philanthropist
One who looks on the bright side of things is known as —-?
A. Pessimist
B. Novice
C. Optimist (Answer)
D. Credulous
Something that is liable to be easily broken is known as —-?
A. Brittle (Answer)
B. Resilient
C. Flexible
D. None of the above

PPSC Online Test Preparation
A letter which is not claimed by anybody is known as —-?
A. Dead Letter (Answer)
B. Adjustment Letter
C. Complaint Letter
D. Acknowledgment Letter

PPSC Online Test Preparation
Is this is the bus, — goes to the Sadar Bazar?
A. that
B. who
C. which (Answer)
D. To arrive
He bought a three —— suit?
A. Hundred-Dollars
B. Hundreds-Dollar
C. Hundred-Dollar (Answer)
D. Hundreds-Dollars
The idiom “To burry the hatchet” mean?
A. To make peace (Answer)
B. To make a foolish choice
C. To make a wrong decision
D. To lose something
Antonym of ATTRACT is ——-?
A. Repel (Answer)
B. Demote
C. Expel
D. None of these
Antonym of ADAPT is ——-?
A. Applaud
B. Unfit (Answer)
C. Approve
D. None of these
Antonym of APATHY is ——-?
A. Sleep
B. Conclude
C. Zeal (Answer)
D. None of these

PPSC Online Test Preparation
Complete the idiom “Hell hath no fury like a——?
A. A women scorned (Answer)
B. A burnned women
Foreign phrase ” De Jure” means?
A. By law (Answer)
B. Successful
C. Illegal
D. Compromising
Synonym of Abject is ——-?
A. Disgusting
B. Squalid
C. Contemptible
D. All of these (Answer)
Idiom “Tie the knot” means?
A. Friendship
B. Getting married (Answer)
C. Enmity
D. Criticism
Antonym of ARCHETYPE is ——-?
A. Origin
B. Copy (Answer)
C. Generous
D. Factory
Antonym of Abridge is ——-?
A. Subdue
B. Augment (Answer)
C. Encourage
D. Elaborate

PPSC Online Test Preparation
Antonym of PATHOLOGICAL is ——-?
A. Sick
B. Healthy (Answer)
C. Chemicals
D. Selective
The book is—the mug and pen?
A. In
B. Among
C. Between (Answer)
D. Of
The Students protested — the ill-treatment of their leader?
A. over
B. to
C. against
D. for (Answer)
A Game which no one wins called—–?
A. Tie
B. Draw (Answer)
C. loss
D. toss
If—-the match,I will go to “KPK (Peshawar) to meet the sports board chairperson?
A. I will win
B. I win (Answer)
C. I wins
D. I shall win
The Government ruled by Women is called?
A. Petticoat government (Answer)
B. Corporatocracy
C. Patriarchy
D. None of these
the killing of one’s mother called—-?
A. matricide (Answer)
B. parricide
C. regicide
D. patricide
killing of a large group of people called—–?
A. filicide
B. fratricide
C. genocide (Answer)
D. homicide
Synonym of Exemplify is ——-?
A. Reprehensible
B. Illustrate (Answer)
C. Empty
D. Finish
Synonym of Infringe is ——-?
A. Breach (Answer)
B. Escape
C. Hard
D. Bound
ill-gotten meaning ?
A. No required
B. Taken through legal way
C. Acquired by illegal or unfair means (Answer)
d. Very ill
Past Tense of ”Find” is—-?
A. Find
B. Found (Answer)
C. Founded
D. Both B and C
The—– of war is expected very soon?
A. Cessation (Answer)
B. Cession
C. Session
D. cestion
Antonym of BRUSQUE is ——-?
A. Corrupt
B. Brash

PPSC Online Test Preparation
You must bear—-his pranks?
A. with (Answer)
B. In
C. some of
D. All
Synonym of PARAGON is ——-?
A. Model (Answer)
B. Virtue
C. Square
D. NoneCaravan : desert ::
A. Boat: Cruise (Answer)
B. Book: Library
C. Midnight: Noon
Salutation : Farewell ::
A. Birth: Death (Answer)
B. Army: Navy
C. Noon: Midnight
D. Lunch: Dinner
Synonym of Abrupt is ——-?
A. Sudden (Answer)
B. Noisy
C. Calm
D All of these
Choose the correct spelling for the missing word: My —— needs to be paid every month?
A. Morgage
B. Morguage
C. Mortgage (Answer)
D. Morgauge
He is very poor. What is “Very” in this sentence?
A. Adjective
B. Noun
C. Adverb (Answer)
D. None

PPSC Online Test Preparation
One-Trick Pony means:
A. A person having one special feature, talent, or area of experti (Answer)
B. Doing work dishonesty
C. Unlawful paropaganda
D. Clever planning for enemy
Nobody —- that old man had fallen?
A. noted
B. knew
C. noticed (Answer)
D. none of these
Afridi plays the Harmonium and the sitar is—-also?
A. Played
B. Played by he
C. Played by him (Answer)
D. None of these
I am tired—-waiting?
A. Of (Answer)
B. By
C. With
D. From
I always praise him for his merits, but he always turns—–you pointing out your demerits (Answer)
A. at
B. to (Answer)
C. on
D. for
He is serious—-visiting Islamabad?
A. Of (Answer)
B. For
C. To
D. On
I am famous —-honesty where javed is notorious for dishonesty?
A. for (Answer)
B. to
C. upon
D. in

PPSC Online Test Preparation
” Infallible ” refers to the one who is free from all —–?
A. cares & worries
B. cares & failures
C. mistakes & failures (Answer)
D. Worries & troubles
We decided to do all the task — instead of waiting for help?
A. of our own
B. by ourselves (Answer)
C. ours
D. All
action of killing King is called——?
A. regicide (Answer)
B. suicide
C. patricide
D. parricide