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PMS MCQS Online Test Preparation, The applicants are relied upon to show an overall familiarity with what and where of things furthermore, places, when and where of functions, how things work, significant characters and so forth Basically it is the trial of general perusing, experience and scholarly interest of the applicants.

Applicants are relied upon to have essential information on the verifiable viewpoint of the Pakistan development, significant functions in the battle for Pakistan, conspicuous characters,post-autonomy issues, protected turns of events, international strategy, economy,protection, Kashmir and other regional questions and so forth The inquiries would likewise cover Pakistanis homegrown issues and legislative issues, land and individuals, territorial issues, financialissues, culture, music, sports, and so forth.

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PMS MCQS Online Test Preparation

PMS MCQS Online Test Preparation

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You can easily Prepared of All Entry Tests By Online goquizer Exams Tests PMS MCQS Online Test Preparation here we provide mscqs with answer mention with correct option.

PMS MCQS Online Test Preparation

Antonym of ” Heartfelt ” is ——-?
A. Loving
B. Insincere (Answer)
C. Unhealthy
D. Humorous
E. Heartly
He was upbraided —- his slovenly appearance?
A. of
B. for (Answer)
C. with
D. to
E. from
Antonym of ” Meticulous ” is ——-?
A. Fussy
B. Painstaking
C. Scrupulous
D. Sloppy (Answer)
E. Conscientious
Synonym of ” Blush ” is ——-?
A. Negotiate
B. Detain
C. Redden (Answer)
D. Inter
E. Taunt

PMS MCQS Online Test Preparation
Antonym of ” Sloppy ” is ——-?
A. Careful (Answer)
B. Slapdash
C. Haphazard
D. Slovenly
E. Heedless
I found my car keys — my pocket?
A. On
B. In (Answer)
C. At
D. From
I purchased a cupboard —- my new house?
A. To
B. at
C. Until
D. For (Answer)
Qadri informed that all of the PAT members —- soon take back their nomination forms?
A. may
B. will
C. would (Answer)
D. shall
E. none
Synonym of Sumptuous is ——-?
A. Swampy
B. Irritable
C. Meager
D. Splendid (Answer)
Synonym of handful is ——-?
A. Busy person
B. Bad Event
C. Body part
D. Small number (Answer)
Synonym of PEEL is ——-?
A. Dance
B. Surprise
C. Pull Off (Answer)
D. Look at
Synonym of Slap is ——-?
A. Drop of water
B. Hit (Answer)

PMS MCQS Online Test Preparation
Synonym of brutal is ——-?
A. Mixed together
B. Noisy
C. Relating to teeth
D. Cruel (Answer)
Passive Voice of ” The baby has lost her doll”?
A. Her doll was lost by the baby
B. Her doll had been lost by the baby
C. Her doll has been lost by the baby (Answer)
D. Her doll will have been lost by the baby
E. Her doll has lost by the baby.
Antonym of ” Taciturn ” is —–?
A. reticent
B. introverted
C. meek
D. Loquacious (Answer)
Salman Khan —- a part of the upcoming Race 4?
A. will also be (Answer)
B. also will be
C. will be also
D. will also
Antonym of “Serene” is —–?
A. Tranquil
B. Calm
C. Placid
D. Anxious (Answer)
Synonym of ” Ruse ” is —–?
A. Affinity
B. Ploy (Answer)
C. Bribe
D. Goosebump

PMS MCQS Online Test Preparation
Her father — yesterday?
A. dead
B. died (Answ
Passive Voice of “She will build this house” ?
A. This house would be built by her
B. This house would have been built by her
C. This house will be built by her (Answer)
D. This house will have been by her
His father-in-law is a doctor. “father-in-law is —–?
A. Abstract Noun
B. Collection Noun
C. Material Noun
D. Compound Noun (Answer)
E. Concrete Noun
Synonym of ” Uproar ” is —–?
A. Acquiescence
B. Calm
C. Turmoil (Answer)
D. Placid
He took his brother — the hand?
A. from
B. with
C. at
D. by (Answer)
E. on
This date is worth —–?
A. remember
B. to remember
C. remembered
D. remembering (Answer)
E. None

PMS MCQS Online Test Preparation
I suspect him — stealing the pen?
A. for
B. of (Answer)
C. over
D. by
E. on
It is no use —– again?
A. to try
B. try
C. trying (Answer)
D. tried
E. None
The ring was —- by thieves?
A. steal
B. stole
C. stolen (Answer)
D. stealing
He got — his illness in two weeks?
A. over (Answer)
B. on
C. at
D. by
There was no heir — the throne?
A. to (Answer)
B. with
C. him
D. over
The rains have set —?
A. In (Answer)
B. Of
C. On
D. Out
Usman was broken—-from his old friends?
A. with
B. of
C. away (Answer)
D. in