Online Test Preparation|| General KnowledGe MCQS

Online Test Preparation|| General KnowledGe MCQS

Online test preparation

General Knowledge Quiz online Test. these mcqs question
are taken from our General Knowledge Mcqs section.
so that you can take the Quiz and check your memory.

Online Test Preparation

Online test preparation

There will be 10 multiple choice questions in each test.
Answer of the questions will change randomly each time you start the test.

First state to join Pakistan was

A) Kashmair

B) Hydrabad

C) Bahawalpur

D) Raheem yar khan

Pakistan opened its first embassy in





First governor of state bank

A. Alyas hussain

B. Talib hussain

C. Zahid hussain

D. Ghulam abbas

First captan of cricket team

A. Shahid afraidi

B. Imran khan

C. Javeed maina dad

D. Abdul hafeez kardar

First woman university is located in

A.. Lahore

B. Karachi

C. Islamabad

D. Rawalpindi

First daily paper is amroz

A. 1955

B. 1960

C. 1949

D. 1947

First mesuem of pak in karachi was established in

A. 1955

B. 1950

C. 1952

D. 1957

First radio station established in

A. Karachi

B. Lahore

C. Bahawalpur

D. Peshawar

First tv station established at

A. karachi

B. Lahore

C. Islamabad

D. Multan

First bio gass plant was installed in

A. 1975

B. 1967

C. 1977

D. 1974

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