Online MCQS Test Preparation of English for Competitive Exam


Online MCQS Test Preparation of English, Candidates are depended upon to have basic data on English accentuation, linguistic features,relational words, complement, dynamic and inert voice, metaphors, adages, phrases, equivalents,antonyms, analogies, sentence advancement, etc Up-and-comers should have the alternative to use English viably.

Online MCQS Test Preparation of English

Online MCQS Test Preparation of English
Online MCQS Test Preparation of English

You can easily Prepared of All Entry Tests By Online goquizer Exams TestsOnline MCQS Test Preparation of English here we provide mscqs with answer mention with correct option.

Online MCQS Test Preparation of English Lets Start

I’m — pleased with it?
A. Much
B. Very (Answer)
C. Too
D. None
—— you work very hard, you cannot pass. (KPPSC 2018 paper) (Answer)
A. Unless (Answer)
B. Until
C. While
D. As if
Antonym of ” Pessimistic ” is ——-?
A. Devoted
B. Cheat
C. Despondent
D. Hopeful (Answer)
E. Defeatist
Pronoun is used to avoid unnecessary repetition of —— in a sentence?
A. Verb
B. Adjective
C. Noun (Answer)
D. Preposition
Which parts of speech describes where, when and how an action happens?
A. Adjective
B. Conjunction
C. Verb
D. Adverb (Answer)
E. Preposition
He cut his finger—- the knife (Answer)
A. By
B. with (Answer)
C. through
Synonym of backbone is ——-?
A. front bone
B. spine
C. back
D. B & C both (Answer)
Synonym of Kidnap is ——-?
A. Appaling
B. Abduct (Answer)
C. Renounce
D. All the above
Synonym of abandon is ——-?
A. Leave (Answer)
B. Abstract
C. Abduct
D. None of these
What is the Synonym of “Ravage?
A. Annoy
B. Ruin (Answer)
C. Popular
D. Predator

Online MCQS Test Preparation of English
He want five thousand dollars to buy a car. He won’t be satisfied with less. What is “less” in this sentence?
A. Noun (Answer)
B. Verb
C. Adverb
D. Adjective
The population of Pakistan is less than that of China. What is “less” in this sentence?
A. Noun
B. Verb
C. Adverb (Answer)
D. Adjective
Antonym of FALLACY is —–?
A. Abandon
B. Blunder
C. Truth (Answer)
D. ErrorThe man —– you met is an anchorperson?
A. who
B. whose
C. whom (Answer)
D. which
“Hold one’s horse” means—–?
A. Keep one’s expectations
B. Keep one’s gift
C. Have patience (Answer)
D. High on energy
“Give cold shoulder” means—–?
A. To support
B. Cold meat
C. To ignore (Answer)
D. Shiver
Synonym of “GAINSAY” is ——-?
A. Suppress
B. Oppose (Answer)
C. Yielding
D. animation
He has been working—–morning?
A. For
B. Since (Answer)
C. at
D. by

Online MCQS Test Preparation of English
Antonym of ” Chaste ” is ——-?
A. Shrewd
B. Talkative
C. Aspirant
D. Promiscuous (Answer)
E. Celibate
Synonym of ” Persecuter ” is ——-?
A. Oppressor (Answer)
B. Hasty
C. Patient
D. Tycoon
E. Jubilant
Synonym of ” Moratorium ” is ——-?
A. Austerity
B. Embargo (Answer)
C. Lienancy
D. Sereness
E. Celibacy
Synonym of ” Tyrant ” is ——-?
A. Suspicious
B. Persecuter (Answer)
C. Victim
D. Sagacious
E. Chatter box
The public were deeply sceptical —- some of the proposals?
A. For
B. With
C. About (Answer)
D. Of
E. From
Antonym of ” Celibate ” is ——-?
A. Chaste
B. Ascetic
C. Monastic
The same considerations are equally applicable — accident claims?
A. to (Answer)
B. in
C. on
D. of
E. with
Antonym of ” Sceptical ” is ——-?
A. Unconvinced
B. Scoffing
C. Certain (Answer)
D. Reticent
E. Scapegoat
Synonym of ” Pledge ” is ——-?
A. Outclass
B. Vow (Answer)
C. Plunder
D. Compensate
E. Atone
Parents expect more — their children?
A. with
B. of (Answer)
C. from
D. to
I have been working here —- ten years?
A. from
B. since
C. for (Answer)
D. with
There is no point — arguing?
A. to
B. over
C. in (Answer)
D. on
E. from

Online MCQS Test Preparation of English
To catch a tartar means:
A. To meet with disaster
B. To catch a dangerous person (Answer)
C. To deal with a person who is more than one’s match
D. None of above
To make clean breast of means (Answer)
A. To gain prominence
B. To praise oneself
C. To destroy before it blooms
D. To confess without of reserves (Answer)
Synonym of ” Undergo ” is ——-?
A. Lambast
B. Theive
C. Lay to rest
D. Experience (Answer)
E. Proclaim
Antonym of ” Dismantle ” is ——-?
A. Vie
B. Raze
C. Outclass
D. Level
E. Build (Answer)
Synonym of ” Assailant ” is ——-?
A. Jubilant
B. Turncoat
C. Assaulter (Answer)
D. Reticent
E. Cop
Antonym of ” Provoke ” is ——-?
A. Arouse
B. Induce
C. Evoke
D. Produce
Synonym of ” Sagacious ” is ——-?
A. Spendthrift
B. Dumb
C. Wise (Answer)
D. Furious
E. Alert
Antonym of ” Incur ” is ——?
A. Attract
B. Invite
C. Earn
D. Suffer
E. Avoid (Answer)

Online MCQS Test Preparation of English
Synonym of ” Plunder ” is ——-?
A. Loot (Answer)
B. Blush
C. Expedite
D. Ease
E. Contradict
Antonym of ” Astute ” is ——-?
A. Shrewd
B. Discerning
C. Canny
D. Whirlwind
E. Stupid (Answer)
Synonym of ” Vie ” is ——-?
A. Compete (Answer)
B. Kowtow
C. Censure
D. Sanction
E. Wink
Synonym of ” Outclass ” is ——-?
A. Surpass (Answer)
B. Humiliate
C. Incur
D. Detest
E. Defect
I was aware — the problems parents were facing?
A. of (Answer)
B. with
C. to
D. from
E. at
Synonym of ” Raze ” is ——-?
A. Level (Answer)
B. Defect
C. Pluck
D. Taunt
E. Fire
She likes cars. “Car” is —?
A. Proper Noun
B. Compound Noun
C. Common Noun (Answer)
D. Concrete Noun
E. Verbal Noun
The club usually empties — about two in the morning?
A. off
B. at
C. in
D. out (Answer)
E. on
Danish came out — his office, looking tired and worried?
A. with
B. from
We are sensible — the difficulties he faces?
A. to
B. of (Answer)
C. with
D. at
E. on

Online MCQS Test Preparation of English
Synonym of ” Lambast ” is ——-?
A. Entomb
B. Reprimand (Answer)
C. Cease
D. Forbear
E. Adore
Antonym of ” Perspicacious ” is ——-?
A. Sagacious
B. Discerning
C. Astute
D. Dull (Answer)
E. Canny
Synonym of ” Boulevard ” is ——-?
A. Vortex
B. Turbulence
C. Avenue (Answer)
D. Whirlpool
E. Turmoil
Memon, —– of former information minister Nisar Memon, had entered politics in 2003?
A. the daughter
B. a daughter (Answer)
C. daughter
D. none
Synonym of ” prevalence ” is —–?
A. Felony
B. Transgression
C. Sabotage
D. Commonness (Answer)
E. Flouting

Online MCQS Test Preparation of English
Synonym of ” Calm ” is —–?
A. Nervous
B. Serene (Answer)
C. Agitated
D. Faint
Synonym of ” Affinity ” is —–?
A. Loathe
B. Aversion
C. Antipathy
D. Sympathy (Answer)
E. Blood Relationship
Synonym of ” Kowtow ” is —–?
A. Prostrate (Answer)
B. Debar
C. Nullify
D. Hoard
E. Blush
I’ve never – to England?
A. Been (Answer)
B. Went
C. Going
D. Go
Look! The bus —-?
A. Leaves
B. Leaving
C. Does leave
D. Is leaving (Answer)
I didn’t — TV last night?
A. Not watched
B. Watched
C. Watch (Answer)
D. Watching

Online MCQS Test Preparation of English

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