Keanu Reeves Gave Rolexes as a Gift to Stunt Team

Is Keanu Reeves Gave Rolexes as a Gift to Stunt Team, New photos from the set of the fourth installment of the movie “John Wick” have leaked online, while shooting continues in Paris.

Keanu Reeves Gave Rolexes as a Gift to Stunt Team

In Berlin, filming began on one of the most anticipated action films of the decade. Unfortunately, an outbreak delayed production until recently.

Keanu Reeves Gave Rolexes as a Gift to Stunt Team

In the new photos, Reeves is pictured sitting at a table or strolling around the set as he waits to perform a scene, and he has shown that his age can have no effect on him because he is aging like a fine wine. Rolexes were given to the stunt team as a gift, and Reeves engraved a personalized message to ensure they’ll never forget their time together making the movie, sources said.

As a result of the good choreography of the fights and Wick’s motivation, the first movie about a retired but incredibly talented John Wick quickly became a cult classic of action movies.

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Scripts were written by Derek Kolstad, who wrote all five parts of this franchise – the first three came out, and the next two will be filmed at almost the same time, sources said.

“Matrix” stuntman Chad Stahelski choreographed the stuntman for the John Wick films. More than $585 million has been collected at the worldwide box office by the John Wick franchise.

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