Islamic Studies Mcqs Questions With Answers

Islamic Studies Mcqs

Islamic Studies MCQs for the preparation of the fpsc, ppsc, kppsc, spsc, pms, bpsc, nts, IB, FIA, css, and other competitive tests, and also you can prepare for general purpose and academic tests.These Islamic studies MCQs for interviews for government jobs. In this section, candidates will learn MCQs on a variety of topics from the subject. Here maximum part of Islamic studies MCQs from ppsc MCQs, fpsc MCQs and their past paper MCQs. is the first website that provides Islamic studies MCQs have no charges fee.

Islamic Studies Mcqs Questions With Answers

Prophet recited __ at the conquest of Makkah.
A. surah Al-Fatha
B. Surah Al-Kausar
C. Surah Al-Anfal
D. Surah Al-Ankaboot

Second migration to Habshah took place in ?
A. 613 A.D
B. 614 A.D
C. 615 A.D
D. 616 A.D

Friend of Khadija __ carried message of Nikah ?
A. Fatima
B. Kulsoom
C. Nafeesa
D. Sobia

Abdul Mutalib died in _ A.D.
A. 578
B. 579
C. 580
D. 581

For ___ years Haleema took care of Prophet (PBUH)?
A. Six
B. Seven
C. Eight
D. Nine

For __ years Abdul Mutalib took care of Prophet.
A. one
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

Social boycott of Banu Hashim took place in __ Nabvi.
A. 4th
B. 5th
C. 6th
D. 7th

Social boycott continued for __ years?
A. Two
B. Three
C. Four
D. Five

Original name of Abu Jehl was _ bin Hisham.
A. Abha
B. Saleh
C. Omar
D. Ali

Abu-al-Hikm is the title of ?
A. Abu jehl
B. Abu bakar

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