Is Chanel West Coast Rob Dyrdeks Cousin?

Com On and know Is Chanel West Coast Rob Dyrdeks Cousin? You may remember Chanel West Coast and Rob Dyrdek as Ridiculousness co-hosts on MTV. However, the two are friends off the set as well. Rob and Chanel go way back.

She explained to WZRA TV that Scott Pfaff introduced her to Dyrdek. As a result, she quickly assimilated into the crew, and a friendship developed between her and Rob. Their friendship is documented in Dyrdek’s reality series Fantasy Factory.

The two celebrities’ relationship has been the subject of discussion for some time. People are even speculating that they may be related. Is this true? We’ll find out!

MySpace was a popular platform in the 2000s. In order to promote her music, Chanel spent much of her time on the platform. One of her new connections led her to skateboarder Rob Dyrdek, as she was networking online at a feverish pace

Is Chanel West Coast Rob Dyrdeks Cousin?

Chanel “talked to my cousins, and they said, “She thinks she’s a rapper.” But the man didn’t agree with Dyrdek. She immediately attracted him after he saw something special in her.

She was shocked when Dyrdek approached her and told her he was a fan of her music. Her first impression of him was positive. She is a fan of MTV, Rob & Big, so when he told her he was a fan, she was shocked. Their mutual interest in art soon blossomed into a wonderful friendship.

The Beginning

It might surprise you to learn this. Chanel began working with Rob as his receptionist when they first started working together. Despite the fact that Dyrdek was never initially interested in rap, he knew he couldn’t let Chanel slip away.

Despite knowing that the job wasn’t a good fit for Chanel, Dyrdek offered her a receptionist job that sounded appealing. In response, he offered her a job as his “rapping receptionist.” Although this sounded funny to the female rapper, she jumped at the opportunity and has never looked back.

Having a close relationship with her boss and working as the receptionist earned her some perks. As time went on, she became a regular on Dyrdek’s reality show Fantasy Factory. She began to play a more prominent role in the show as their relationship developed. In the end, she became one of the show’s biggest stars for seven seasons, and her career flourished from there.

In all this time, Dyrdek has offered his support and encouragement to the singer

Reality TV Goosebumps

Almost everyone dreams of being a star on a network. Sadly, Chanel West Coast wasn’t a reality TV star. Dyrdek and Chanel hesitantly ventured into entertainment. Channel West Coast admitted that she was scared of it at some point because it might interfere with her music career.

When Fantasy Factory’s first show with Chanel West Coast aired, her fears became reality. She was viewed by most viewers as a reality show star instead of a serious rapper. “It was kind of a setback for my music because people thought it was funny that I’m a rapping receptionist,” she said.

Since then, her professional music career had been on hold. Despite her rise to fame on television, her success appeared to be just the beginning. Being taken seriously by her fans.

Is Chanel West Coast Rob Dyrdeks Cousin?

It is not Rob Dyrdek’s cousin who runs Channel West Coast. Chanel advertised her music on MySpace to kick start her career as a rapper; they became close friends.

The two met through Dyrdek’s cousin, Scott “Big Cat” Pfaff. They had thought she was a fluke talent until Rob took her on as a rap receptionist, and her career as a reality star was launched. The relationship between Rob and Chanel has evolved from Fantasy Factory to Ridiculousness, where Steelo Brim is a co-host.

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