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General Knowledge MCQS

General Knowledge MCQS, Candidates are depended upon to have basic data on the undeniable perspective of the Pakistan improvement, huge capacities in the fight for Pakistan, obvious characters,post-self-sufficiency issues, ensured unforeseen developments, global methodology, economy,protection, Kashmir and other provincial inquiries, etc The requests would moreover cover Pakistanis local issues and authoritative issues, land and people, regional issues, financial issues, culture, music, sports, etc.

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General Knowledge MCQS

General Knowledge MCQS
General Knowledge MCQS

General Knowledge MCQS, Here we provide 20 mcqs of General Knowledge MCQS with answers. The right answer show by bold

Who killed the sons of Mughal emperor?
a) Hugh Rose
b) Lt. Hodson
c) Nichlson
d) Campbell

Who recaptured Delhi?
a) Campbell
b) Nicholson
c) Hugh Rose
d) Hudson

Banaras and Allahabad were recaptured by
a) Neill
b) Willson
c) Hudson
d) Campbell

Lucknow and Bareilly were reoccupied by
a) Hugh Rose
b) Watson
c) Sleeman
d) Campbell

Kanpur was finally recovered by
a) Campbell
b) Robert Clive
c) Canning
d) Campbell

The viceroy who introduced Doctrine of Laps?
a) Lord Wellesley
b) Lord Dalhousie
c) Lord Minto
d) Lord Canning

As per the Parliament Act of 1858
a) East India company was abolished
b) Redesignation of Governor General of India as viceroy
c) Secretary of State for India was responsible for administration
d) All the above

The Governor General who abolished the titles of Carnatic Nawab and Raja of Tanjore and
refused pension to Name Saheb?

a) Lord Dalhousie
b) Lord Minto
c) Lord Wellesley
d) Lord Bentinck