General Knowledge Mcqs Online Preparation For All Competitive Tests

General Knowledge Mcqs Online Preparation

Current General Knowledge Mcqs plays a major role in general awareness section of any private and government tests. In banking tests, the General Knowledge Mcqs section is mostly based on Current Affairs and financial awareness. If we talk about ppsc and fpsc tetst, around 80% questions asked from the Current General Knowledge Mcqs. You need to learn Current General Knowledge Mcqs along with Static GK. Current General Knowledge Mcqs 2020 section comprises the latest events and updates.  You will get thousands of General Knowledge Mcqs Online Preparation on our website.

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General Knowledge Mcqs Online Preparation For All Competitive Tests

Slave dynasty ruled for how many years?
A. 120 years
B. 80 years
C. 84 years
D. 70 years

Who was the first Muslim Governor of Delhi?
A. Behlal Lodhi
B. Ghyyas-ud-Din
C. Jalaluddin Khaji
D. Qutb-ud-Din Aibak

The official language of the delhi sultanate was?
A. Urdu
B. Arabic
C. Persian
D. Hindi

Slave dynasty of indo-pak was founded by?
A. Sbuktagin
B. Babar
C. Qutab-ud-Din
D. Jalal-ud-Din

The slave dynasty lasted from 1206 to?
A. 1207
B. 1208
C. 1250
D. 1290

The first Muslim ruler of India was?
A. Muhammad bin tughlaq
B. Mahmood of Ghaznvi
C. Qutub-ud-Din Aibak
D. Muhammad Ghauri

Who Was The First Woman Ruler Of Delhi?
A. Chand Bibi
B. Nor Jehan
C. Razia Sultana
D. Mumtaz Mehal

Qutab-u-Din died while playing?
A. Cricket
B. Polo
C. Football
D. Hockey

Who constructed Masjid “Quwat-i-Islam” in Delhi./
A. Shah Jehan
B. Akbar
C. Babar
D. Qutab-ud-Din