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FPSC Online MCQS Preparation, The candidates are depended upon to show a general knowledge of what and where of things moreover, places, when and where of capacities, how things work, critical characters, etc Fundamentally it is the preliminary of general examining, experience and academic interest of the candidates.

Candidates are depended upon to have basic data on the undeniable perspective of the Pakistan improvement, huge capacities in the fight for Pakistan, obvious characters,post-self-sufficiency issues, ensured unforeseen developments, global methodology, economy,protection, Kashmir and other provincial inquiries, etc The requests would moreover cover Pakistanis local issues and authoritative issues, land and people, regional issues, financial issues, culture, music, sports, etc.

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FPSC Online MCQS Preparation

FPSC Online MCQS Preparation
FPSC Online MCQS Preparation

You can easily Prepared of All Entry Tests By Online goquizer Exams Tests FPSC Online MCQS Preparation here we provide mscqs with answer mention with correct option.

FPSC Online MCQS Preparation Lets start

The Synonym of “Diligent” is—–?
A. Hardworking (Answer)
B. Witty
C. Deliberate
D. Lazy
I did not — to university yesterday?
A. went
B. go (Answer)
C. gone
D. going
He is now ashamed — his conduct?
A. from
B. with
C. of (Answer)
D. by
E. at
He always comes — home late?
A. to
B. at
C. Both A & B
D. None of above (Answer)
I — lie from now on?
A. don’t
B. didn’t
C. haven’t
D. won’t (Answer)
E. hadn’t
I am shy — my teacher?
A. with
B. from
C. of (Answer)
D. to
She turned heads wherever she went. What does the idiom/phrase “turn heads” mean?
A. too pleased
B. get angry
C. attract a lot of attention (Answer)
D. not knowing what to say
E. get acquainted

FPSC Online MCQS Preparation
I looked — you at the party, but I didn’t see you?
A. to
B. at
C. for (Answer)
D. on
E. none
I saw you dancing — party?
A. at
B. at a
C. at the (Answer)
D. in
E. in the
I told the tailor to put red buttons — the dress he is making for me?
A. in
B. at
C. on (Answer)
D. over
E. none
Either Sana or her friends — present there?
A. was
B. were (Answer)
C. is
D. none
We congratulate you — your achievement?
A. for
B. to
C. on (Answer)
D. at
E. by
My friend is a couch potato. What does the idiom/phrase “couch potato” means?
A. active person
B. busy person
C. lazy person (Answer)
D. angry person
Passive voice of “They broke up the table for firewood” is ———–?
A. The table broke up for firewood by them.
B. The table has broken up for firewood by them.
C. The table had broken up for firewood by them.
D. The table was broken up for firewood by them?
Sana! Please — a tea ?
A. Taken
B. Drank
C. Have (Answer)
D. Put
He is worried — his future?
A. for
B. of
C. about (Answer)
D. from
E. with

FPSC Online MCQS Preparation
Antonym of GUMPTION is ——-?
A. Apathy (Answer)
B. Nerve
C. Initiative
D. Sagacity
Antonym of ENORMOUS is——-?
A. Fragile
B. Weak
C. Tiny (Answer)
D. Soft
Antonym of ARTIFICIAL is ——-?
A. Red
B. Solid
C. Truthful
D. Natural (Answer)
Antonym of EXPAND is ——-?
A. Congest
B. Conclude
C. Convert
D. Condense (Answer)
She is interested — drawing and painting?
A. of
B. at
C. in (Answer)
D. with
E. on
Please do not get angry – me?
A. with (Answer)
B. on
C. at
D. towards

  • the night mysterious creatures prowl?
    A. in (Answer)
    B. at
    C. on
    D. along
  • FPSC Online MCQS Preparation
    Sana is not known — me?
    A. to (Answer)
    B. on
    C. at
    D. with
    I am proud — my brother?
    A. with
    B. of (Answer)
    C. to
    D. at
    E. on
    Head is covered — hair?
    A. of
    B. with (Answer)
    C. at
    D. by
    E. from
    The weather was —– the exceptionally poor harvest?
    A. accused of
    B. blamed for (Answer)
    C. found fault with for
    D. condemned for
    Do you mean to say you exchanged that lovely car — this?
    A. with
    B. on
    C. by
    D. for (Answer)
    When the meeting had finished, they went — the plan once again?
    A. down
    B. on
    C. up
    D. over (Answer)
    Antonym of PRODIGAL is ——-?
    A. Spendthrift
    B. Squandering
    C. Thrifty (Answer)
  • FPSC Online MCQS Preparation
    Antonym of FRIVOLOUS is ——-?
    A. Trivial
    B. Silly
    C. Petty
    D. Wise (Answer)
    Antonym of DUCTILE is ——-?
    A. Docile
    B. Pliable
    C. Stiff (Answer)
    D. Supple
    Antonym of DEVIANT is ——-?
    A. Bent
    B. Devious
    C. Regular (Answer)
    D. Atypical
    Antonym of CURTAIL is ——-?
    A. Cramp
    B. Prolong (Answer)
    C. Chop
    D. Clip
    Antonym of DEXTEROUS is ——-?
    A. Inexpert (Answer)
    B. Acute
    C. Active
    D. Able
    Antonym of DOCILE is ——-?
    A. Pliable
    B. Pliant
    C. Quiet
    D. Unyielding (Answer)
  • FPSC Online MCQS Preparation
    Antonym of PIQUE is ——-?
    A. Hurt
    B. Irk
    C. Joy (Answer)
    D. Huff
    I don’t see any — in arriving early at the theatre if the show doesn’t start until 9 o’clock?
    A. aim
    B. reason
    C. cause
    D. point (Answer)
    She is teaching two classes and is examining at a literature exam tomorrow. —-, she is chairing a meeting at Islamabad?
    A. at the top of it
    B. on the top of it
    C. on top of it
    D. at top (Answer)
    They are anxious — his health?
    A. for
    B. at
    C. about (Answer)
    D. on
    There is still no cure — AIDS?
    A. of
    B. to
    C. for (Answer)
    D. with
  • FPSC Online MCQS Preparation
    Synonym of “blissful” is —–?
    A. maudlin
    B. dour
    C. beatific (Answer)
    D. moot
    E. modish
    Synonym of “homogenous” is —–?
    A. heterogeneous
    B. motley
    C. scrambled
    D. different
    E. similar (Answer)
    Synonym of “garrulous” is —–?
    A. laconic
    B. strangling
    C. ecstatic
    D. frozen
    E. wordy (Answer)
    Synonym of “vestige” is —–?
    A. clothing
    B. trace (Answer)
    C. under-garment
    D. hallway
    E. hope
    Synonym of “mores” is —–?
    A. morals
    B. customs (Answer)
    C. taxes
    D. fiscal year
  • FPSC Online MCQS Preparation
    E. swampAntonym of NIGGARDLY is ——-?
    A. Generous (Answer)
    B. Chintzy
    C. Closefisted
    D. Skimpy
    Antonym of PHILISTINE is ——-?
    A. Smutty
    B. Uncultured
    C. Uncultured
    D. Cultured (Answer)
    Antonym of FOREMOST is ——-?
    A. Unimportant (Answer)
    B. Hindmost
    C. Disposed
    D. Mature
    Antonym of FALLACIOUS is ——-?
    A. Credit
    B. Clean
    C. Truthful (Answer)
    D. Dishonest
    Antonym of PARSIMONY is ——-?
    A. Verbosity
    B. Generosity (Answer)
    C. Clan
    D. Tenderness
    Antonym of DOLEFUL is ——-?
    A. Vivacious (Answer)
    B. Witty
    C. Empty
    D. Full
    Antonym of TACIT is ——-?
    A. Punish
    B. Dictated (Answer)
    C. Grand
    D. Small
    Antonym of MITE is ——-?
    A. Bit
    B. Bug
    C. Insect
    D. Whole (Answer)
    Synonym of “sumptuous” is —–?
    A. swampy
    B. irritable
    C. meagre
    D. fancy
    E. lavish (Answer)
    Synonym of “ captious” is —–?
    A. prominent
    B. carping (Answer)
    C. critical
    D. caustic
    E. epigrammatic
    Synonym of “indigence” is —–?
    A. nativity
    B. tolerance
    C. gossiping
    D. poverty (Answer)
    E. eating
    Synonym of “incorrigible” is —–?
    A. commendable
    B. incorruptible
    C. unchangeable (Answer)
    D. overbearing
    Synonym of “intractable” is —–?
    A. hard to manage (Answer)
    B. barbaric
    C. flawless
    D. elusive

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