Earthquake Haiti At Least 304 Are Dead – Magnitude 7.2 earthquake

Earthquake Haiti

Earthquake Haiti U.S. Geological Survey: Haiti was struck by a massive earthquake of 7.2 magnitudes on Saturday morning, raising concerns as to the extent of the destruction. Haiti was devastated by a large earthquake in 2010 that tore through the country.

Haiti’s civil protection service reports that at least 304 people have died and more than 1,800 have been injured. Deaths could reach thousands, according to the USGS.

Despite what it looks like, USGS geophysicist Paul Caruso told NPR it’s really bad. Because of the quake’s similar magnitude and because it occurred on the same fault line as the 2010 quake, Caruso says there could be a lot of casualties.

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake Haiti struck on Jan. 12, 2010, killing an estimated 220,000 people, displacing about 1.5 million people, and injuring about 300,000.

Earthquake Haiti
Earthquake Haiti

The new prime minister of Haiti, Ariel Henry, extended his sympathies to the parents of the victims of the recent violent earthquake that caused deaths and destruction to several parts of the country.

In response to the earthquake, Henry said he would declare a state of emergency for one month while the country assesses what damage has been done and dispatches search and rescue teams to the area.

The prime minister said a team has been mobilized to help with the relief effort.

In an interview, he said that finding as many survivors as possible underneath the rubble was the most important thing. Several local hospitals are overwhelmed with wounds and fractures in Les Cayes, in particular.”

Biden has authorized an immediate response and named Samantha Power as the U.S. A White House official said that the AID administrator would coordinate the effort.

Located 12 kilometers northeast of Saint-Louis-du-Sud, the epicenter was 10 kilometers deep and 12 kilometers northeast of the epicenter, according to the USGS. According to the survey, a massive earthquake shocked western France five miles from the town of Petit-Trou-de-Nippes.

A red alert has been issued by the USGS.