Chanel West Coast Net Worth

Here we inform you about Chanel West Coast Net Worth, Did you ever wonder how much Chanel West Coast makes? The songwriter, singer, rapper, and TV personality has an impressive resume. You might be surprised to learn how much the famous Ridiculousness co-host is worth! Let’s find out more about her.

Channel was born in Los Angeles, California, on September 25. Her parents are Mimi Coates and Harry Coates. As well as her mother, her father has quite a history in music – he’s been part of many bands. Chanel moved with her family to Denver about two years after she was born. When she started school, her family moved back to LA.

Chanel West Coast Net Worth

During her junior year at Palisades Charter High School, West Coast enrolled in drama classes and choir. While at school, West Coast also became a cast member of “The Real Deal,” which aired from 1998 to 2000. What an amusing and relatable fact! check famous actors Kaitlyn Dever Net Worth

Education – Chanel West Coast Net Worth

West Coast studied at Arizona State University, where she majored in a science-related field. After graduating, she worked as an environmental engineering representative. This is interesting considering her later role as co-host of MTV’s “Ridiculousness,” which aired six years later!

The show debuted on August 29th, 2011, so it has been around for quite some time. Chanel joined the show right after it premiered – alongside Rob Dyrdek, who has been with the team ever since (he joined just before season three). It has been broadcast for ten seasons, which makes us wonder how long this show will continue.

Chanel is also a singer and songwriter, as we mentioned earlier! In the past, she has released two songs titled “Up All Night” and “Play It Again.” Neither of these tracks made it onto an official Billboard chart, but they were both quite popular during their runtime since she could perform them live at El Rey Theatre.


So far, Chanel has been successful in both music and television. Her many talents include actress, songwriter, singer, rapper, model, TV personality, and fashion designer!

Her most famous role was hosting “Ridiculousness” alongside Rob Dyrdek. The show features people who do very strange things in front of cameras – perfect entertainment if you ask me! Chanel’s earnings from the show and her salary as a host are included in some reports, as this cable series airs on MTV.

She has experience acting as well as working on “Ridiculousness”! She appeared in an episode of a TV show called “Tosh.0”, another MTV production that features Daniel Tosh joking around with internet videos. The episode in which Chanel appeared aired back in 2014, so it wasn’t long before fans started tuning in more often to his show as a result.

Chanel West Coast Net Worth

Chanel also worked on the film “The Last Time You Had Fun.” The movie came out last year (2015), but it is not known if a sequel will be made. Her character was Hailey in this movie about four friends going on vacation together during one of their last weekends of summer. Although we’re not familiar with any of the other actors/actresses in this film, some names were recognizable!

Chanel West Coast Net Worth

The net worth of Chanel West Coast was $3 million in 2021. She makes a living from music, singing, and songwriting. Nevertheless, she makes a lot of money from her role as co-host of the show Ridiculousness.

Has Chanel West Coast had plastic surgery?

The rumor has it that she has undergone various surgical procedures to enhance her appearance – in particular, breast augmentation and a nose job. The former rumor may be true given how large her chest looks compared to how small it was when she first got started as an actress (which was only about ten years ago).

Seeing her in various movies and TV shows may explain why so many people believe these claims. There is some doubt regarding the second rumor.

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