Are Blake Lively and Taylor Swift friends?

Are Blake Lively and Taylor Swift friends or not? Taylor Swift shares an in-depth friendship with Hollywood power couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. They provide her with inspiration. Taylor Swift, in her 2020 album titled Folklore, name-checked Lively’s daughters in her song Betty.

And Lively hadn’t a care in the world. What is the story of how they became friends? When did they start dating? It turns out that Lively and Swift have been together for a very long time! They first met each other at an after-party for the Golden Globes in 2016. Swift’s mother Andrea and Lively immediately clicked, as Lively instantly clicked with Swift.

She even revealed to Vogue in 2017 that her mother and Taylor’s mother were best friends: Andrea and my mom are like one degree apart. There must be some connection between them.”

Taylor Swift and Ryan Reynolds have been friends for four years, Ryan Reynolds revealed that year! It is not known when Lively met Swift. Neither before nor after 2016, there are any images of the meeting- at least until now.

What Prompted Their Friendship?

Blively reportedly invited Taylor to Westchester County after they met at the Golden Globes party in 2016. Her next-door neighbors were her husband Ryan Reynolds and their children James (born 2014) and Inez (born 2016). They became inseparable very quickly. During the holiday weekend in July 2016, they were seen hanging out together.

Taylor Swift hosted a party for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds during the 2017 Grammy Awards. It took place at their Westchester County, NY home. However, it’s interesting to note that Andrea Swift did not attend this event. She may have been unable to attend due to health issues or prior commitments.

In May 2017, they all gathered again for another get-together. Talyor sang Shake it Off while Reese Witherspoon, Gigi Hadid, and others danced on stage. Blake Lively and Swifty are BFFs, as well as Ryan Reynolds and her husband!

Are Blake Lively and Taylor Swift friends?

YES, it seems! Their relationship has only grown stronger over the years- whether other people believe it or not! There’s no secret anymore about their friendship. They are close enough to host parties for each other, which speaks volumes about how much they care for each other.

Are Blake Lively and Taylor Swift friends

Andrea Swift’s absence at various social gatherings may be a source of speculation among fans; however, all we can say is that these women have an enviable circle of friends that includes celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Gigi Hadid, etc.

Feuding Rumors

There was a rumor that Lively and Swift were feuding before they became friends. Blake Lively never addressed these rumors directly, but she mentioned being aware of them once or twice. In fact, she responded to the interviewer when asked if they were fighting in a 2017 interview with Glamour Magazine:

„I mean, I read things [online], and it’s like, ‘Okay.’ However, no one ever gets in touch with me personally and says anything to me.”According to her, she didn’t know why people would say such a thing! Well, for all we know, the two women enjoy their friendship. \

Swift has devoted songs on her albums to the fact that it’s hard for celebrities not to have friends because everyone wants you for their own gain. Their relationship has grown very close in recent years. Even though they might have their own reasons for not being seen together in public, taking a look at pictures of them hanging out on social media proves that they are very close!

They however still maintain that even though they don’t appear together on social media, they are still in a close relationship behind the fame and glamour.

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